Croes Consultants is ....

.... your partner for dedicated interim management, project management and ICT & legal advice. Our core business is business and process optimization as managing and finishing of derailed projects, start-up coaching, upgrading of network performances, relocation of resources and organisation scans. Our employers range from SME entrepreneurs up to large triple play organizations.

Interim & project management
.... your partner for dedicated interim & project management. We're familiar with all current project standards. If you prefer to work without the help of these methods, we're also able to finish your projects successfully.

ICT advice
.... your partner for independent and comprehensible ICT advice. Our goal is to guide you through the great number of possibilities the world of ICT has to offer. Automation exists in behalf of you and your work environment and not the other way round.

Legal advice
.... your partner for independent and comprehensible legal advice. The emphasis of our legal activities is "ICT related". In the center of our legal interest, you will find ICT law and ICT related labour law. We prefer practical solutions.
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